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Changing Their Narrative... Where Excellence is Mastered.


The Achievement Institute’s fundamental purpose is to provide both challenging and rewarding exposure and experiences by providing educational opportunities and scholarships to talented male students. TAI also aims to  provide exposure to professional and career opportunities that can be of interest to the young men in the program. 


Empower: To give power or authority to improve their mind and their vision for the future.


Explore: The act of searching for the purpose of discovery, of information and resources. To engage and change their mindset through cultural exploration.


Educate: To develop the faculties and powers of a person by teaching, schooling or instruction.


The Achievement Institute Foundation, Inc. is a Georgia nonprofit, tax-exempt organization and will abide by the state laws of Georgia.

About Us

The overall concept of The Achievement Institute began in 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, when under the leadership of Randall Sherrell a group of concerned African American men began to meet to explore ways to expose young men to things outside of their communities. Since inception, the vision has materialized to be shared with anticipated growth expected to reach over 100,000 underserved, underrepresented young males.


Our motto is, “To Empower, Explore, Educate, and Excite through Exposure.”   If to know something is called Knowledge.  Wisdom is knowledge applied!  The Achievement Institute will be the bridge between  "Knowledge" and "Wisdom". 



The Achievement Institute, commonly known as TAI, is an enterprise that will provide resources to brilliant and artistic young men.  The Achievement Institute is an organization dedicated to empowering our young men to mature through exposure. 

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